As you drive around this island, you stumble across some interesting attractions in some out of the way places. Here’s a sampling of some of the murals we’ve found so far.

Tiled mosaic along the Richard Haynes boardwalk in Hastings, Christ Church Parish. This area runs along the Southwest coast and is home to shopping areas, hotels and restaurants.

The St. Lucy Parish Church mural is located at the roundabout where Highways 1C and the Charles Duncan O’Neal meet.

The Parris Hill mural located in St. Joseph parish is carved into the limestone rock face. Viewing can be tricky as it’s located on both sides of an active roadway so extra caution should be taken.

In Bathsheba, St. Joseph, the new Community Centre is adorned with this mural which highlights part of the old train line that ran from the East Coast to Bridgetown.

This mural is located in Speightstown, St. Peter parish just off the main street behind the Archer’s Hall Design Centre. This is one of the more well known pieces.

This one, also in Speightstown, can be found by the cricket field just across the street from the bus station.

A series of very colourful murals is situated along the Gordon Cummings Highway as it winds it’s way through the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies.

Queen’s Park in Bridgetown is where you’ll find this one.

Also in Bridgetown, Golden Square Freedom Park is the location for these differently styled art pieces.

A work in progress at Six Roads, St Philip, adds some much needed beautification to the wall of the poly clinic.

Beer commercial advertising mural in Oistins, Christ Church, home of the weekend fish fry festival.

Carlisle Bay behind the car park on Bay Street is where you’ll find this massive piece of art.

This mural is located near the site of the landing of the first Europeans in Holetown. This depiction shows the indigenous Amerindians as they sight the first ships.

This very long and beautiful mural also in Holetown, is a collaboration between many artists, too bad it’s not in a place of prominence.

We ventured into Bridgetown, the YMCA grounds to be exact to view our latest find.

This 5000 square foot art installation is the work of many artists. Various scenes of Bajan life are depicted here.

On the East Coast in Bathsheba, the popular Uncle Joe’s Bar and Grill is adorned with these pieces.

Painted on a rock face heading down Rendezvous Hill in Christ Church parish, this mural pays homage to two former political representatives of the parish.

We popped into a popular Italian restaurant, Mama Mia in Hastings, Christ Church and spotted this lovely gem. By the way, Barbados has some great pizza, haven’t had a bad one yet.

The Glebe, St George along Hwy 4B is where we found this piece.

Grantley Adams International Airport located near the departure gate.

Located on Bridgetown, lower Broad Street in the alley opposite the taxi stand.

Local artist Saan Rose found the perfect way to beautify this trash collection area in Oistins Bay Garden, Christ Church.

The search for more continues..



  1. Saan Rose

    Hi, good day, I love your Murals of Barbados 2022, my name is Troy Burgess, artist name SaanRose, I am one of the artist’s murals you have featured, the one at Pirates Cove on Carlise Bay. I also have a new mural I have done lately at Oistins Bay garden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Troy, thanks for checking out the blog. I would like to credit the artists but not sure who they all are. Are you the sole artist for the piece at Pirates Cove? It’s a stunning piece.


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