Hastings Boardwalk, temporary Art gallery, Barbados, 2022.

This section of the boardwalk on Barbados' southwest coast is the site of a soon to be constructed hotel. To beautify the area, local artists were encouraged to display some of their works. No nicer way to cap off a Sunday afternoon boardwalk stroll than with a beautiful Caribbean sunset.

Barbados, March 2020

This trip was a coming home for me. I'd been to my wife's home country of Germany a few times so I was beyond excited to show her around the place I grew up. Lately, our flight days have been pretty long. Our home airport in Austin Texas doesn't offer a lot of direct international …

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Curacao Dreams December 2019

Curacao here we come. Visit Curacao, you won't be disappointed. This small island has a lot to offer. Besides the usual offerings like sand & surf, there's great shopping, dining both local and international, museums, art galleries, Great houses or Landhuizen as the old plantation houses are called, off shore adventures and so much more. …

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